Forest Regeneration


Effects of culling white-tailed deer on tree regeneration and Microstegium vimineum, an invasive grass
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Microsite conditions in a low-elevation Engelmann spruce forest favor ponderosa pine establishment during drought conditions
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Short-term effects of variable-density thinning on regeneration in hardwood-dominated temperate rainforests
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The impact of different natural environments on the regeneration dynamics of two Nothofagus species across elevation in the southern Andes
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Bark Stripping by Deer Was More Intensive on New Recruits than on Advanced Regenerants in a Subalpine Forest
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Difference in Regeneration Conditions in Pinus ponderosa Dominated Forests in Northern California, USA, over an 83 Year Period
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Effect of Invasive Rhododendron ponticum L. on Natural Regeneration and Structure of Fagus orientalis Lipsky Forests in the Black Sea Region
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Effectiveness of Restoration Treatments for Reducing Fuels and Increasing Understory Diversity in Shrubby Mixed-Conifer Forests of the Southern Rocky Mountains, USA
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Effects of Hormones and Epigenetic Regulation on the Callus and Adventitious Bud Induction of Fraxinus mandshurica Rupr.
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Germination of Dracaena cinnabari Balf.f. Seeds under Controlled Temperature Conditions
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Microsite Influence on Woody Plant Regeneration in a Pinus palustris Woodland Following Catastrophic Disturbance
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Regeneration Dynamics Following the Formation of Understory Gaps in a Slovakian Beech Virgin Forest
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The Structure of Northern Siberian Spruce–Scots Pine Forests at Different Stages of Post-Fire Succession
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The Decline of the Clearcut: 26 Years of Change in Silvicultural Practices and Implications in Minnesota
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Influence of mechanical site preparation on regeneration success of planted conifers in clearcuts in Fennoscandia – a review.
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