Forest Plant Physiology


Chitosan Oligosaccharide Addition to Buddhist Pine (Podocarpus macrophyllus (Thunb) Sweet) under Drought: Reponses in Ecophysiology and δ13C Abundance
He et al. in: Forests (2020), 11:5, Article 526

Coconut Coir as a Sustainable Nursery Growing Media for Seedling Production of the Ecologically Diverse Quercus Species
Mariotti et al. in: Forests (2020), 11:5, Article 522

Differential Metabolite Accumulation in Different Tissues of Gleditsia sinensis under Water Stress and Rehydration Conditions
Liu et al. in: Forests (2020), 11:5, Article 542

Diversity or Redundancy in Leaf Physiological and Anatomical Parameters in a Species Diverse, Bottomland Hardwood Forest?
Kassahun, Yow, Renninger in: Forests (2020), 11:5, Article 519

Physiological and Biochemical Traits in Korean Pine Somatic Embryogenesis
Peng et al. in: Forests (2020), 11:5, Article 577


Diminishing CO2-driven gains in water-use efficiency of global forests
Adams, Buckley, Turnbull in: Nature Climate Change (2020), 10:5, pp 466-471


Aboveground biomass, transpiration and water use efficiency in eucalypt plantation fertilized with KCl, NaCl and phonolite rock powder
de Toledo et al. in: New Forests (2020), 51:3, pp 469-488


Differences in growth and physiological and metabolic responses among Canadian native and hybrid willows (Salix spp.) under salinity stress
Huang et al. in: Tree Physiology (2020), 40:5, pp 652-666

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