Forest conservation


Functional diversity of tree cavities for secondary cavity-nesting birds in logged subtropical Piedmont forests of the Andes
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Using spatial genetic structure of a population of Swietenia macrophylla King to integrate genetic diversity into management strategies in Southwestern Amazon
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An Efficient Tool for the Maintenance of Thermophilous Oak Forest Understory—Sheep or Brush Cutter?
Jaroszewicz et al. in: Forests (2020), 11:5, Article 582

The Effect of Topography on Long-Term Spontaneous Development of Soil and Woody Cover on Graded and Untreated Overburden
Vicentini et al. in: Forests (2020), 11:5, Article 602

The Forest Stakeholders’ Perception towards the NATURA 2000 Network in the Czech Republic
Schneider et al. in: Forests (2020), 11:5, Article 491

Voluntary Sustainability Certification and State Regulations: Paths to Promote the Conservation of Ecosystem Services? Experiences in Indonesia
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Monitoring and mapping non-governmental conservation action in Amazonia
Malhado et al. in: Land Use Policy (2020), 94, Article 104556

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