Afforestation and Forest Restoration


Afforestation promotes the enhancement of forest LAI and NPP in China
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Soil organic carbon turnover following forest restoration in south China: Evidence from stable carbon isotopes
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Soil water storage changes in a small headwater catchment in the central North Island of New Zealand following afforestation with Pinus radiata
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Total soil organic carbon increases but becomes more labile after afforestation in China’s Loess Plateau
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A Local Initiative to Achieve Global Forest and Landscape Restoration Challenge—Lessons Learned from a Community-Based Forest Restoration Project in Biliran Province, Philippines
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Application of Landscape Approach Principles Motivates Forest Fringe Farmers to Reforest Ghana’s Degraded Reserves
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Assessing Seed Handling Processes to Facilitate a Community-Engaged Approach to Regional Forest Restoration
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Differential Early Performance of Two Underplanted Hardwood Tree Species Following Restoration Treatments in High-Graded Temperate Rainforests
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Estimating Forest Characteristics for Longleaf Pine Restoration Using Normalized Remotely Sensed Imagery in Florida USA
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Refined Systems of National Accounts and Experimental Ecosystem Accounting Versus the Simplified Agroforestry Accounting System: Testing in Andalusian Holm Oak Open Woodlands
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Restoration of Shortleaf Pine (Pinus echinata)-Hardwood Mixtures in Low Quality Mixed Upland Hardwood Stands Using Cluster Planting and Natural Regeneration
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Soil Erosion Reduction by Grain for Green Project in Desertification Areas of Northern China
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The Long-Term Survival and Growth of Enrichment Plantings in Logged Tropical Rainforest in North Queensland, Australia
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Valuation of the Economic Benefits from Using Genetically Improved Forest Reproductive Materials in Afforestation
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Accounting for multiple ecosystem services in a simulation of land‐use decisions: Does it reduce tropical deforestation?
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The Duality of Reforestation Impacts on Surface and Air Temperature
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