Urban ForeSts


Assessing spatio-temporal changes in forest cover and fragmentation under urban expansion in Nanjing, eastern China, from long-term Landsat observations (1987–2017)
Zhang et al. in: Applied Geography (2020), 117, Article 102190


Acceptance sampling for cost-effective surveillance of emerald ash borer in urban environments
Yemshanov et al. in: Forestry (2020), 93:2, pp 280-296


Analyzing Potential Tree-Planting Sites and Tree Coverage in Mexico City Using Satellite Imagery
Bravo-Bello et al. in: Forests (2020), 11:4, Article 423

How Well Do Three Tree Species Adapt to the Urban Environment in Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Greater Bay Area of China Regarding Their Growth Patterns and Ecosystem Services?
Zhang et al. in: Forests (2020), 11:4, Article 420


Where to prescribe burn: the costs and benefits of prescribed burning close to houses
Florec et al. in: International Journal of Wildland Fire (2020), 29:5, pp 440-458


Anthropic interferences in the nutritional status of tree species growing in urban and peri-urban Atlantic forest remnants
Bulbovas et al. in: Urban Forestry & Urban Greening (2020), 50, Article 126642

High richness of exotic trees in tropical urban green spaces: Reproductive systems, fruiting and associated risks to native species
eSilva et al. in: Urban Forestry & Urban Greening (2020), 50, Article 126659

Quantifying urban forest structure with open-access remote sensing data sets
Baines, Wilkes,Disney in: Urban Forestry & Urban Greening (2020), 50, Article 126653

The effects of tree root density on water infiltration in urban soil based on a Ground Penetrating Radar in Shanghai, China
Xie et al. in: Urban Forestry & Urban Greening (2020), 50, Article 126648

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