Forest Productivity


What does a mixed population of Pinus sibirica and P. pumila from the southern Baikal region suggest about the structure of their hybrid zone?
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Afforestation promotes the enhancement of forest LAI and NPP in China
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Chemical fertility of forest ecosystems. Part 1: Common soil chemical analyses were poor predictors of stand productivity across a wide range of acidic forest soils
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Divergent effects of a 6-year warming experiment on the nutrient productivities of subtropical tree species
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Doubling of biomass production in European boreal forest trees by a four-year suppression of background insect herbivory
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Benefits of juvenile stand management in Finland—impacts on wood production based on scenario analysis
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Development of Nonlinear Parsimonious Forest Models Using Efficient Expansion of the Taylor Series: Applications to Site Productivity and Taper
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Differential Early Performance of Two Underplanted Hardwood Tree Species Following Restoration Treatments in High-Graded Temperate Rainforests
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Economic and Production Effect of Tree Species Change as a Result of Adaptation to Climate Change
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Initial Responses in Growth, Production, and Regeneration following Selection Cuttings in Hardwood-Dominated Temperate Rainforests in Chile
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Net Primary Productivity of Pinus massoniana Dependence on Climate, Soil and Forest Characteristics
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Spring Moisture Availability is the Major Limitation for Pine Forest Productivity in Southwest China
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Temporal Changes in Community Structure over a 5-Year Successional Stage in a Subtropical Forest
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Assessing the response of forest productivity to climate extremes in Switzerland using model–data fusion
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Directed species loss reduces community productivity in a subtropical forest biodiversity experiment
Chen et al. in: Nature Ecology & Evolution (2020), 4:4, pp 550-559

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