Forests and Carbon Sequestration


Enhanced spring phenological temperature sensitivity explains the extension of carbon uptake period in temperate forest protected areas
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A Framework for Characterizing and Regulating Ecosystem Services in a Management Planning Context
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Do Coffee Agroforestry Systems Always Improve Soil Carbon Stocks Deeper in the Soil?—A Case Study from Turrialba, Costa Rica
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Multifunctional Forestry and Interaction with Site Quality
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Tree Growth and Water-Use Efficiency Do Not React in the Short Term to Artificially Increased Nitrogen Deposition
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Forest Management for Carbon Sequestration and Climate Adaptation
Ontl et al. in: Journal of Forestry (2020), 118:1, pp 86-101


Forest management in southern China generates short term extensive carbon sequestration
Tong et al. in: Nature Communications (2020), 11, Article 129

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