Forests and Biodiversity


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Excess Nitrogen in Temperate Forest Ecosystems Decreases Herbaceous Layer Diversity and Shifts Control from Soil to Canopy Structure
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Exploring the Relationships between Key Ecological Indicators to Improve Natural Conservation Planning at Different Scales
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Influence of Anthropogenic Factors on the Diversity and Structure of a Dry Forest in the Central Part of the Tumbesian Region (Ecuador-Peru)
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Landscape-Scale Mixtures of Tree Species are More Effective than Stand-Scale Mixtures for Biodiversity of Vascular Plants, Bryophytes and Lichens
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RAD-Seq Data Point to a Distinct Split in Liriodendron (Magnoliaceae) and Obvious East-West Genetic Divergence in L. chinense
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Response to Temperature and Virulence Assessment of Fusarium circinatum Isolates in the Context of Climate Change
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Variation in Photosynthetic Traits and Correlation with Growth in Teak (Tectona grandis Linn.) Clones
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Response of Arizona cypress (Hesperocyparis arizonica) to the Horseshoe Two Megafire in a south-eastern Arizona Sky Island mountain range
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